Does the price of the rental include service charges?

No, in most cases the amount of service charges differs according to number of persons and other individual criteria as media consumption etc… It would be therefore misleading to indicate any amount.

May I make the rented flat my permanent residence?

Yes, if the owner is not explicitly against. A different situation arises if you would like to make the rented flat a place of your business activity. Because of possible legal implications, the owners are in this case very cautious.

For how long period is the lease contract signed, is it possible to enter into a lease for an indefinite period and how long is the period of notice?

In most cases, the lease contract is signed for 1 year with a possibility of extension. On the basis of the interpretation of the Civil Code, the owners of flats unfortunately will not enter into a lease for an indefinite period. The notice period (in the case of apartment rental) is from the lessee’s side 3 months without giving a reason.


Why should we enter into a reservation contract when buying a real property?

There are several reasons for entering into a reservation contract. The main reason is especially the reservation of the real property you chose for the time necessary for preparation of all contracts needed (future purchase contract, purchase contract). Another reason is also assuring the owner of the real property that you are really interested in buying the real property. Another important reason, but not the last one is that the reservation fee is at the same time the first installment for the purchase price of the real property.

What comprises the brokers´ fee of Home Sweet Home in the process of selling your real property?
  1. putting together a bilingual presentation including professional photographs made by photographers (not by the real estate brokers)
    1. analysis of a market price of the real property and recommendation of sales strategy
    2. advertising – more than 20 advertising servers, well-developed marketing
    3. 1. legal, tax, financial and investment consulting relating directly to given sale…
    4. looking up of a buyer (linking demand with supply) – we work with a portfolio of registered buyers
    5. providing the client with a draft of reservation contract, future purchase contract and purchase contract /in case of cooperative ownership draft of contract on the transfer of membership rights and contract on property dissolution
    6. safekeeping of the purchase price on the escrow account kept by the attorney at law co-operating with the real estate agency (always insured to the amount transferred to the escrow account)
    7. filing of the application for registration into the Cadastral register, incl. payment of the duty stamps
    8. verifying signatures on the purchase contract
    9. hand over of a flat / house (presence of real estate broker, preparation of hand-over protocol)

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